Join Tapfiliate’s Referral Program

Join Tapfiliate’s Referral Program

Already a Tapfiliate active customer? Spread the word about our affiliate marketing software among your community to earn a 30% recurring commission every time one of your referrals becomes a paying Tapfiliate customer.

Earn a recurring 30% commission on all referred paid subscription signups

Tapfiliate offers you a great opportunity to earn extra revenue while promoting 
a powerful all-in-one affiliate marketing solution

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Why join Tapfilaite’s referral program?


Take advantage of clear payment conditions and transparent tracking.


Enjoy easy and fast onboarding.


Use a great variety of ready-made promo materials.


Capitalize on the growing demand for SaaS affiliate tracking and marketing software.


Get monthly payouts via PayPal.


Promote affiliate tracking software trusted by over 2,000 businesses.

How to get started


Step 1

Get a unique link

Sign up for the Program to get a unique referral link and access to your personal dashboard with marketing materials and performance reports.


Step 2

Share your link

Share your referral link on social media, in emails, blogs, websites, or simply with your friends & family.


Step 3

Get rewarded

Earn a recurring 30 percent commission within the first 12 months with each paying customer you refer. There is no cap on this, so the more customers you refer, the more you earn!

To join the referral program, you need
to be a Tapfiliate customer

Questions about our affiliate program

Do I need to be a paying Tapfiliat user?

Yes, to sign up for our referral program, you need to be an active paying Tapfiliate user.

How do I get paid?

The rewards are paid out via PayPal once a month.

How do I promote Tapfiliate?

Once you log in to your affiliate dashboard, you’ll get your personal referral link and access to a variety of ready-made marketing materials to share on social media, blog posts, and other channels.

What is considered a conversion in your referral program?

A conversion occurs when the customer you referred pays for a subscription after a 14-day trial.

How do my affiliate-driven conversions get tracked?

We track purchases made with your Affiliate link using a cookie with a 45-day expiration period. Please note that for affiliate sales tracking, we use the Last Cookie Counts rule. The rule means that if the same user follows two different affiliate links and makes a purchase only after accessing the Tapfiliate website through the second/last affiliate’s link, this second affiliate will be credited for any conversions.

How do I check my performance?

Once you fill in the subscription form and join our referral program, you’ll get access to your personal dashboard with all the necessary statistics at hand.