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$89 $74



  • Unlimited affiliate programs
  • 30+ pre-built integrations
  • Real-time reporting
  • Email/live chat support
  • 1 team member



$149 $124



Everything in Essential +

  • Custom domain
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Bonus system
  • Priority queue
  • 5 team members



Everything in Pro +

  • Unlimited tracking requests
  • Full white label
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Dedicated personal manager
  • Unlimited team members
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Features Essential Pro Enterprise

Core features

Affiliate Programs

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Clicks per month

20,000 100,000 Unlimited

Clicks Overage Fee (per 1,000)

$1.50 $1.00 Unlimited

Conversions per month

2,000 10,000 Unlimited

Conversions Overage Fee (per 1,000)

$15 $10 Unlimited

Team Members

1 5 Unlimited


30+ pre-built integrations

JS pixel integration

REST API integration

S2S/postback integration

Unlimited tracking requests


Let your affiliates generate deep links to your website’s specific product or category page.


Reward your affiliates anytime their unique coupon code is used during the customer’s purchase.


Real-time reporting

Data export

Assets report

Customers report

Conversion import

Metadata report

Enhance your traffic data by including custom information based on your business needs. Get deeper insights with a dedicated report designed explicitly for custom metadata analysis.

Affiliate SubID Reporting

Empower your affiliates with enhanced traffic analytics from diverse sources, and enable them to tailor their promotion strategy accordingly.

Detailed click report

Use the special click report to get more information about the traffic you’ve received, both in your reporting section and through the API.

Affiliate management

Affiliate bulk management

Easily apply multiple actions to your affiliates in just a few clicks instead of performing them one by one.

Affiliate groups

Save your time by grouping affiliates based on shared attributes and perform different actions accordingly: assign group commissions and bonuses or analyze statistics specific to these affiliate groups.

Affiliate payment methods

Affiliate recruitment

Grow your program by automatically supplying new customers with a unique affiliate link after purchase.

Creative assets management

Manage your assets and creative materials for your affiliate programs smoothly.

Private creative assets

Allocate different assets exclusively to particular affiliates instead of sharing them manually.

In-platform messenger

Stay inside your Tapfiliate account to easily engage with your affiliates by sending them mass notifications or messages to particular affiliates and waiting for their feedback or additional questions.


Standard commissions management

Recurring commissions

Reward your affiliate with a commission if the referred customer remains subscribed or continues to be a paying customer.

Affiliate group commissions

Assign specific commission rates to a particular group of affiliates.

Item/Category Based Commissions

Set various commission rates for different products.

Bonus system

Motivate your affiliates by establishing bonus rewards based on their performance.

Standard multi-level marketing (MLM)

Advanced MLM Sales goals

Take your MLM program to the next level by setting Sales Goals.


Bulk actions

Triggered Notifications

Automation (Zapier, webhooks, emails)

Automated affiliate payouts (Trolley)

Easily set up automated commission payouts to your affiliates with just a few clicks.

Bulk affiliate notifications

Use the Tapfiliate in-platform notification system to send updates about your affiliate program, changes in commission rates, or other important announcements to your affiliates.


Branding options

Add your logo, favicon, terms & conditions, custom welcome messages, etc., or apply your corporate colors to your affiliate program.

White label

Remove any references to Tapfiliate links and logos from your affiliate portal, making it fully customized.

Custom wording

Customize your affiliate portal by updating the wording to make it more user-friendly and reduce the number of questions from your affiliates. Change section titles, reporting sections, and even table columns.

Custom domains

Custom sign-up fields

Enhance your affiliate sign-up process by adding extra custom fields to collect more information from your affiliates.

Customizable cookie time

Multi-language support

English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, (Brazilian) Portuguese.

Account Assistance

Email support

Live chat support

Phone call support

Priority queue

Save your time and receive replies from our Support team earlier than the others.

Dedicated personal manager

Enjoy our personalized approach with a dedicated manager who will assist you with your requests through your team’s preferred communication channels.


Permission system

GDPR compliance

Single Sign On (SSO)


API access

SEPA payouts export

Cap management

Limit the number of commissions an affiliate can earn from a specific customer’s purchases.

Product (XML) feeds


With the short links generator, your partners can create attractive affiliate links, hiding referral codes or their SubIDs.
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What our customers say


Tapfiliate has been a gamechanger for managing our affiliate program here at Selz. Our team loves the simplicity of the service. It makes it easy to manage a lot in a single place, which is great given the size of our affiliate program. With increased sign-ups and a happy community of Selz affiliates, we’ve had great success.

Michelle del Rio

Head of growth


Tapfiliate has added significant value to our business by enabling us to manage all our affiliate programs in one place and easily scale them. Next to being a great product, the customer success team is nothing but excellent.


Julien Vallet

Lead Corporate Relationships


Tapfiliate takes all the hassle out of setting up an affiliate program. It allows our customers to create sustainable value by building their own tribe of shop promoters.


Ruud Stelder


Questions about our plans

Looking for something else? Check our support knowledge base or docs.

Can I try Tapfiliate for free?


Yes, you can try the Tapfiliate Essential and Pro plans for free during your 14 day free trial. You can freely up- and downgrade during your trial without getting billed.

Can I get a refund?


Absolutely! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which starts right after your free trial. You can read through our refund policy for more detailed information.

Can I change my plan?


Yes, at any time! When you upgrade, the current billing cycle will be prorated.

What are team members?


You can add team members if you want your colleagues to be able to co-manage your programs. You can determine the access and permissions for each team member, and add or remove members along the way.

What if i go over my plan’s limits?


If you exceed the monthly included impressions, clicks or conversions for your plan, we calculate a small overage fee. You can see the overage pricing per plan by clicking “show all” above.