Join Tapfiliate’s Affiliate Program

Join Tapfiliate’s Affiliate Program

Ready to spread the word about Tapfiliate and get rewarded? Join our affiliate program to earn a commission for each customer you refer while helping your audience benefit from their own partner programs.

Get the most out of our affiliate programs

We offer two affiliate program structures. Choose the one that serves you best, 
or join them both! Have any questions? We are only an email away at


a one-time commission for each paying customer

This one-time commission is paid when the customer you referred extends ANY of Tapfiliate’s monthly subscriptions for the second month or when the 30-day money-back period expires for the annual plan.


recurring commission within the first 12 months

With this commission type, for example, by referring only 10 customers, you would already make a minimum of $238 monthly!
The commission is awarded when referred customers enter a paid plan following the 14-day trial.

Boost your business with Tapfiliate’s affiliate program


Take advantage of clear payment conditions and transparent tracking.


Enjoy easy and fast onboarding.


Use a great variety of ready-made promo materials.


Benefit from a 45-day cookie lifetime.


Get monthly payouts via PayPal.


Promote affiliate tracking software trusted by over 2,000 businesses.

How to get started


Step 1

Get a unique link

Sign up for the Program to get a unique referral link and access to your personal dashboard with marketing materials and performance reports.


Step 2

Share your link

Share your referral link on social media, in emails, blogs, websites, or simply with your friends & family.


Step 3

Get rewarded

Earn a commission depending on the affiliate program type you are subscribed to. There is no cap on this, so the more customers you refer, the more you earn!

Is Tapfiliate’s Affiliate Program a Good Fit for You?


E-commerce enterpreneurs

As an online merchant, you possess the expertise and insights needed to contribute to others’ success in the field. Share your valuable experience and advocate for Tapfiliate within your community.


Social media Influencers

If you partner with influencers or have established a social media following, your skill set aligns perfectly with what we’re seeking. Promoting Tapfiliate to your audience can be a fantastic way to boost your income.


Businesses with complementary offers

Does your business provide complementary services and audiences? You are in the right place!


Professional Marketers & Content Creators

If you professionally promote products and services via curated content, you’re a perfect fit for our program. Include Tapfiliate in your blog copies or use other content distribution channels where potential customers might see it.

Questions about our affiliate program

Can I join two of your affiliate programs at a time?

Yes, you are free to choose one of the Tapfiliate’s affiliate programs that works best for you or join both programs.

Do I need to be a Tapfiliate customer?

No, to join our affiliate programs, you don’t have to be a Taprfiliate customer.

What is considered a conversion in your affiliate programs?

For the 20% recurring commission program, a conversion occurs when the customer you referred pays for a subscription after a 14-day trial. In the $178 one-time commission program, a conversion takes place when the customer you referred extends ANY of Tapfiliate’s monthly subscriptions for the second month or when the 30-day money-back period expires for the annual plan.

What is the minimum commission payout amount for your Affiliate Program?

The minimum payout threshold is $20. Your commission will be processed once it reaches or exceeds this amount.

Does the one-time commission depend on the subscription plan my referral paid for?

No, for the $178 one-time commission program, the type of subscription plan your referral chooses doesn’t affect the amount of commission.

How do my affiliate-driven conversions get tracked?

We track purchases made with your Affiliate link using a cookie with a 45-day expiration period. Please note that for affiliate sales tracking, we use the Last Cookie Counts rule. The rule means that if the same user follows two different affiliate links and makes a purchase only after accessing the Tapfiliate website through the second/last affiliate’s link, this second affiliate will be credited for any conversions.

How do I check my performance?

Once you fill in the subscription form and join our affiliate program, you’ll get access to your personal dashboard with all the necessary statistics at hand.

What if the customer I referred for the $178 one-time commission program upgrades/downgrades the subscription plan after the first month?

You will earn a $178 one-time commission regardless of the subscription plan your referral paid for.